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For me, design is the pursuit of instrumental value. It is the arrival of an outcome, instead of the motions of a process. It's not just an art of asking questions, but the choice to provide answers. My process is execution driven. Diving into development, and implementation, is important to me.



My favorite moments are exciting, refreshing, and magical. The things that make us happy are fundamentally timeless. So I merely seek to revisit these experiences and activities, but in ways just possible today. My favorite designs use the latest technology and inspire me to see the world differently.



Why am i drawn to truth? At a distance it's daunting and intricate. But when clearly presented it's simple, elegant, complete. When we say get to the bottom of things, we are peeling the layers back and returning to the basis. There is too much confusion and not enough time in the world. And so stripping the noise and being direct is how i stay grounded.


tension and

Trends around us change and my taste grows. What I once favor may depart. What I once encounter as repulsive may now be attractive. This constant change makes me question my own judgement and validity. But it's the act of balance of tension that makes harmony more powerful.