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There was a certain moment in my life when I grew tired of asking the world more questions. Instead I became more interseted in responding with answers. That was the day I knew I was going to pursue design for the rest of my life. Design is the pursuit of instrumental value. It is the creation of a semi-perfect outcome, whatever it takes, instead of the following of any specific process.



The moments I live for are new, refreshing, and magical. Yet I also believe the nature of our deepest human questions are timeless. So I seek to revisit enduring human activities, but in ways that have never been done before. My favorite designs use the latest technology to help us see the same world in new ways.



Another core value of mine is truth. I prefer to see the world for what it is, without distractions and ornamentation. Whether the truth is beautiful or ugly, I believe designers have no business obscuring reality. Even aesthetically, I see transparency as the purest form of refinement: flat hierarchies, raw content, and exposed structures.


tension and

Across any form or modality, the universal language of beauty is tension and harmony. It speaks to our need to see the world through stories, and to always find our way back to an ending. For any artifact out in the realm of possibility, there is also some amount of white space, silence, or opposing force that together would create a whole. This is the fleeting aesthetic balance I pursue at work, on weekends, and in my free time.